Blog Reader-Friends, I seem to have taken an unintentional writing sabbatical. I haven’t eliminated any of you from any sort of list. I wouldn’t know how if I tried. I have just taken a break while I think. Thank you all so much, for being my faithful reader-friends!

D Walks to School

D was in a mood yesterday morning and was going to miss the bus. ME: D, if you miss the bus we are going to walk to school! D:  That’s fine! ME:  All right, but there will be no whining and no carrying.  You have made a choice! D: Okay! Off we went. D:  Mom!  … Continue reading

Dear Miley Cyrus

Dear Miley Cyrus, I know you are very busy with your career and all, so I have just one quick question and then I’ll let you be on your way. What’s your plan here, dear? The reason I ask is that I can’t see it, and I certainly hope you do. Is it because you … Continue reading

Hanging the Flag

This morning as I hung the flag in honor of 9/11, I didn’t think about that day 12 years ago.  For some reason, I thought about Pearl Harbor. I don’t hang the flag out on Pearl Harbor Day.  I’m not even sure when it is, to be honest. I bet my parents know because I … Continue reading

Rose Review

I was in a situation this weekend that reminded me of this post of long ago.  Only two people called me by my name and neither one was quite right.  One woman just insists on calling me Mary Beth no matter what I do.  It might be our little joke by now, but I’m not … Continue reading

Get Yer Magazines Here

It’s that time of year when I shameless plug magazine sales for my child’s music department.  The money will send a poor Minnesotan child to Florida this winter. Well, I’m kidding, but I am not.  Regular blog-reader friends know that I frequently drag my husband and children down to the Sunshine State.  For some of … Continue reading

There They Go

Change is never easy in this house for a variety of reasons, but I think this year it was Mother who struggled the most getting ready for Back to School.  I don’t know.  I celebrate them going, but we had a good summer . . . and they’re getting so old . . . and … Continue reading


Gigi didn’t have her teeth in and it startled me.  She’s always been a not-a-hair-out-of-place gal from my perspective — serious and appropriate. We tried to talk about my pictures from our trip this summer, but she struggled find the words.  I think I misunderstood and supplied the wrong ones.  She gave up.  She was … Continue reading

Dry Laundry

I’m not complaining that it’s hot, but the laundry I hung outside yesterday was dry before I got everything on the line. I’m not complaining.  In six weeks there could be snow on the ground.  Eight weeks for sure. I’ve been cleaning places I don’t normally clean.  The corners in the bathroom.  The outside of … Continue reading

Circus World is All Right by Me

Our first stop along the way was to the Wisconsin Dells.  I am not a huge fan of the water park.  It’s a lot of anxious children and often oblivious parents running around an enclosed space filled with chlorine . . . but the one we stayed at was nice, and I had more fun … Continue reading