Eat the ice cream first

The refrigerator/freezer in on the fritz which is not helpful while trying to pack up the gang for a quick trip across two states before school starts. I’m trying to look at it this way:

1. There wasn’t much in there because we are going on vacation.

2. It needed cleaning . . . badly.

3. It didn’t happen while we were on vacation so that we came home to a sticky, gooey, rotten mess. Hooray!!

It’s still sort of a drag to juggle the milk in and out of three different coolers.

The repair man comes tomorrow. Bless their hearts our major appliance retailer only has one service man and he couldn’t come until tomorrow. Last year, my fancy schmancy front loading washing machine had an identity crisis with its mother board and I got to know the repair guy pretty well. Believe me when the large pregnant woman starts to cry in the basement next to her appliance (like I did) things get done fast. So it will be a nice reunion for me and Repair Guy, I guess. Unfortunately, I am no longer pregnant and a non-pregnant woman bursting into tears next to her appliance is just sad in a pathetic way. I’ll probably have to wait it out like everyone else.


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