It swallows them whole

Before I had children I thought I was the mother of girls. We’d play dress up and have tea parties. I was confused when C was a boy. I remember a moment of panic when Roberta came to the hospital. We had big plans for what we were going to do with the new little girl. As I recall pantaloons were going to play a big role.

“What am I going to do when he has to learn to use the bathroom?!” I cried.

“Well, there’s Brent,” she said. “He probably knows what to do.”

And so began my journey as the mother of boys.

Yesterday we enjoyed a trip to Reptile Gardens. I don’t mean anything sexist by this, I really don’t, but you need only look around to notice the little (and big) boys are getting way more enjoyment out of identifying the objects in the snake bellies than the girls are.


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