Cindy from USC

The other day C and I were watching his new favorite channel, the Game Show Network. (I have to admit, it doesn’t take a whole lot for me to sit down and watch an old episode of Family Feud or Let’s Make a Deal with him.) On this day, we were watching Match Game ’76 when Cindy from USC was presented as a new contestant. Cindy introduced herself as a home ec major. Whatever became of home ec majors? Actually I know. They became sociology majors like my aunt, the professor of sociology. But, now really, why? Do we not still have homes? Do we not need economics in them? Perhaps now more than ever?

I ask because I have just noticed a fly living in Baby D’s exersaucer. It had a good life there. Lots to eat. I feel for the fly but have nevertheless scrubbed the exersaucer out. I need a few college level home ec classes. Heck, I need a few high school home ec classes. My graduate level work in Milton is doing me very little good right now.


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