Lessons from ECFE

One day at Mount Rushmore Brent watched a couple in their 20s heave-ho their stroller down a flight of stairs along the trail. We had decided to forgo that trail for that very reason — we did not want to lug the stroller down the stairs.

He said something like, “We’re old.”

“Yes,” I said. “But we have a much nicer stroller.”

So, Daniel and I went to ECFE “Baby and Me” class today and I learned several things (not the least of which was I seemed a bit of a cult hero for managing a shower every day). I learned that:
* My in-laws pretty much leave me alone.
* Girls in their early 20s think very little can be accomplished past age 40.
* I have married a very nice man.
* I am more together than I think — because in spite of the girls concern that women who wait until they are almost 40 to have children face an uphill battle, parenting at an older age brings a peace and a patience I would never have had until now.

So there.


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