Baby’s got remote

I let the baby watch TV this morning. I was just reading in Parents magazine or somewhere that’s one of the worst parent offenses out there right now. Great. How can you even keep up? When Colin was a baby it was verboten to let babies watch TV and then all that Einstein stuff came out and babies were going to be brilliant from watching them and now again watching TV is akin to letting him ride up front in the car without his seat belt on.

Dairy? No Dairy? Gluten? Chicken Pox shots? Good heavens, I stood on that hump in the backseat of my mom’s purple Duster when we traveled. I’m not recommending that, but I am still alive. I didn’t watch all that much TV though and I think it’s made me a better, if not slightly addicted reader. (Be sure to check out and say I sent you.)


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