Those crazy Thessalonians

Baby D and I started a new Bible study at church today. (Well, I started a new Bible study and D went to the nursery. He had a very good time.) It’s a study on Thessalonians. “T 1 and 2,” as I think I will call them now, are much more interesting if you read Acts 17 first and realize Thessaloncia was one of those places that our old friend Paul was encouraged to leave quickly because a mob was running after him.

Most of the ladies came in and sat down with their Bibles and a cup of coffee. I brought my coffee, my notebook and my pencil bag containing pencils, pens, highlighters, a small scissors and a glue stick. (What can I say? You never know when you might need to glue something.) I feel a little like a huge geek and then again, so what? I will feel much worse if I am sitting there listening and I feel the urge to write, highlight, cut or glue and do not have the correct supplies.

I am leading one of the small break-off groups at this study and I was a little worried. I also led a group at this time last year and in my group was a woman who just wanted to say “black” if I said “white.” I was hugely pregnant and ended up going to the Bible study coordinator in tears. We ended up combining my group with another and I was still the leader (I think I was hoping to be relieved of duty) and this seemed to irritate this particular lady even more. On our first day as a new combined group I had everyone go around and introduce themselves and say their favorite Thanksgiving dish (or something) as an ice breaker. When we got to this lady she introduced herself and said she was not going to name her favorite dish because it was a “ridiculous waste of time.” At prayer time that day, we prayed in a circle (“Squeeze the hand next to you when you’re done.”) and she announced that we would have silent prayer during her time.

Makes a Christian sister want to act violently.

Anyway, today’s group seems fine. So far, so good.


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