And the Oscar Goes to . . .

I am thrilled that my dramatic personality has once again over reacted in proportion to the situation and that the Room 406 Harvest Party was a great success. Mrs. P. has her students whipped into perfect third grade shape. Games were played in rows. Everyone said “please” and “thank you.” One little brown noser stood up and gave a speech about good sportsmanship. (That’s right, honey! Every does deserve a big “Good Game!” for tossing their styrofoam ball into the Halloween — oh, sorry — harvest pumpkin cutout bucket.) The hysteric meylay of spitball throwing, angry urchins fighting each other for the “good” prizes after the “lame games” were no where to be found, and I am profoundly grateful.

I know that I sometimes appear more worried (or upset or excited or disappointed) than I really am, but for some reason, this event really had me sweating. My sister, as usual, nailed it right on the head. I just hate the unknown. I felt like had agreed to something without knowing all the details and I was expected to perform in a way I did not feel I was gifted. I was particularly worried about the games. But here’s the thing: I found someone who was talented at that sort of thing and she took over. Before we left, she was even talking about what games we could play at Christmas. She even seemed excited about it!!

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