It’s 17 days to Florida. 17 days. Definitely 17 days! I’ve been having a Rain Man experience with our upcoming trip to Florida for about 9 months, but a record cold Minnesota March has made things much, much worse. Much worse. I made our dining reservations two months ago. My parents will be joining us for a few days and they were wondering if we could change things around. NO!!! Can’t you see?! I’ve planned this out to the minute! 17 days. It’s supposed to be 40 degrees today. That’s 40 degrees above zero. 17 days.

I see my last blog was about Baby D injuring himself. This week he has burned himself on the flat iron again. Please don’t call social services. I swear I am protecting him. He is so fast. After this burn he cried for an hour straight. It was an angry cry with a definite element of “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” He has a large blister today. He’s also poked himself with a paperclip and fallen off a chair leaving a large bump on his forehead.

17 days.


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