Will it matter?

My buddy Jon died today in a motorcycle accident. I don’t know the details. There was a deer involved. Jon worked as a bartender some times, and he was my companion more than one night while I sat alone listening to my husband and his dinner music band. Jon was a good listener, always sincere. He had a charming smile.

Jon and his partner were one of the first couples to get married in Massachusetts a few years ago. They caused quite a stir out East. I think they had their picture on the front of the New York Times or something. Jon said some controversial things before the wedding. He caught the attention of Focus on the Family which used his comments to build their case for heterosexual marriage.

Look — as a student of the Bible I know the verses selected to point a special sin finger at Jon, but as a student of Christ I am obliged to also note the verses that point the finger at me as Romans 3:23 states so aptly.

I have been on the internet this afternoon and discovered that Jon was considered both a hero of the movement and its downfall. Feted by some and used as a tool by the other side. Did I know any of this before today? No. He was the guy from the restaurant. He was a supporter of my community. He was a friendly face on the bike path. He made a mean Shirley Temple for the pregnant girl. Jon was my neighbor. He was my friend.

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