Let the truth set you free

Apparently some dude named Michael Savage, of whom I had blissfully ignorant of until today, said on his radio talk show on Friday that 99 percent of autistic kids are brats who don’t have fathers to tell them to stop it. Anyone who knows me at all will know I am a staunch supporter of the First Amendment. Thank goodness we live in a country where we are allowed the freedom to say what we wish. It’s a sword that cuts two ways, though. If I am allowed to say my autistic child is a loving, smart, talented child who has a difficult time expressing his emotions, then someone is certainly allowed to say they think autism is over diagnosed. I might go so far as to agree. But some ignorant jerk with a big mouth apparently called him a “moron,” Brent a dead-beat dad and me a “lax” parent. Really? Huh. See, now that’s just going too far. You go ahead and say that in your safe, dark little radio studio in Los Angeles, but you come to my home and say that to our faces, you who had to change your name to something more aggressive sounding than Michael Wiener.


One thought on “Let the truth set you free

  1. Sometimes I hear this guy in the middle of the night. He is in love with his own voice and, as your Godfather would have said, is “talking to hear his head roar.”

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