Some are, some aren’t

I was at church one day watching the praise band practice and admiring the coolness of the bass player. “Alex is cool,” I turned and said to Pastor Steve. “I know,” Steve replied. “I remember cool. I can still recognize it. I’m starting to realize, though, I am past achieving it.”

Oh, the truth hurts.

I thought Steve’s comment had something to do with age, but then a day or so ago, I was putting some back-to-school clothes in my internet cart for Colin when I came across a pair of pants with this description. “He’ll be hurtin if he’s not sportin.” No G’s. No apostrophes. “What does this mean?!” I cried out. Brent, who is 10 years older than I, looked over and said, “Oh, he’ll be socially ostracized if he doesn’t wear those pants.”

Perhaps one is just born with a coolness that time and space cannot erode. I’m pretty sure whatever coolness I had has eroded.


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