Marshmallows and Canadian Invasion

Back in my wild liberal college days I took a class on civil disobedience. You know, what to do if the Canadians invaded or something. I can’t remember one thing about what to do, so it’s a good thing they haven’t yet. I do think I have the books around here somewhere just in case.

I know one thing for sure, if they try to torture me by making me eat Jell-O with marshmallows, I will sing like a canary. The President’s cell phone number, the best way to get to Minot, North Dakota, where to get coupons for the Mall of America — I will tell all.

I have texture issues. Specifically, I have texture issues with marshmallows. That ooey, gooey mushiness is making me cringe right now just thinking about it (shudder). Jell-O with marshmallows (shudder, gag) . . .

I have a few exceptions. I can eat Lucky Charms as long as they don’t get soggy. Once a year I can eat a smore. I probably could eat a smore more than once a year, but I don’t get to a fire that often. There are a few rules about it though. It has to be real chocolate, not frosting or peanut butter or any of the other things people make smores out of. The marshmallow cannot burn. If it does, I have to start over. The marshmallow must be fully cooked. It cannot be lightly toasted and still “raw” on the inside. It’s very complicated. It’s probably good it’s only once a year.

If any one sees Canadians start coming across en masse with Tupperware, let me know. I have to dig out those books.

One thought on “Marshmallows and Canadian Invasion

  1. Ooo — s’mores with peanut butter. We had s’mores several times when camping. All I could think about were the prices for S’mores Galore.My marshmallows never make it to the s’more. I just eat the marshmallows. Lightly toasted, fully cooked, burned — whatever.

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