Who does?

I see Cyberspace Sarah has added another blog to her list. I’ve added it down on my list there. It’s called “But I don’t run” which is just a brilliant name. It’s an entire blog devoted to fitness. I’m impressed.

Our grandfather died of heart disease when he wasn’t much older than I am now. Huh. Anyway, our dad was always a big fitness nut and tried to get us to be as well. I think Cyberspace probably did a better job impressing him than I did in this department. I think she was on the volleyball team. She skied. I always preferred to be inside reading. I used to say I enjoyed a nice brisk sit.

When I was in college I took up running and decided I was going to run in our town festival’s 5K. I hate running. I loathe running. I despise running, but there I was running in circles around my college town. One day I came home from running and decided that was enough. It was just silly for me to run. Unfortunately that day my newspaper came and Dad had devoted his entire editorial to how proud and impressed he was that I was running. Shoot. Well, I did it. I ran that 5K. I came in slightly ahead of a lady who was walking it. She was kind enough to keep me company along the way.

In spite of all this, I now exercise every day. The research on exercise and depression is irrefutable. Do I love it? No, but I do it. But I don’t run either.


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