Baby D: Toddler Ambassador

So Brent takes Baby D and me out to lunch today. We go to this place a lot. It’s in the next town, but it’s on our side of the next town, if you know what I mean. We are familiar with many of the staff and feel very comfortable going there with the kids. At lunch time the place is mostly people having business-type lunches. Today was no exception. The restaurant was crawling with employees from the local home party industry.

Baby D had spent the morning watching the cement truck pour cement for Grandma’s new garage and did not have a nap. He was a little grumpy and every time he let out a little squawk the entire restaurant stopped and turned in unison to see what the problem was. As an older mommy of a younger child, frankly I don’t really care about that sort of thing, but at one point Baby D got down and started to make friends with the business-type lady in the booth behind us. She seemed okay with it and I wasn’t too worried until he crawled up into the booth and laid down in her lap and closed his eyes. What do you even say as grilled cheese toddler drool goes dripping down onto this young single woman’s executive pants? I fished him off with many apologies. She was more than lovely and gracious and thanked D for “making her day,” but once again I found myself at the crossroads of wanting to hug him and simultaneously PULL OUT ALL MY HAIR!! What is he going to do next?

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