Home away from home

The boys took me to the Children’s Theatre yesterday. We’ve been quite a bit this year. (Hooray, Madeline. Eh, Peter Pan.) I have my eye on an apartment across the street. It has a courtyard, for Pete’s sake. How great it that?

I started to think about it, though. What would I do if I had an apartment in the city? Where I live hundreds of people from the city drive up to their cabin every weekend. If I had an apartment in the city I would have the best of both worlds without the maintenance. No putting in the dock. No mowing. If something in my apartment needed fixing I would call and theoretically someone would come and fix it. (I have lived in apartments. I know the truth.) Perhaps I would take my active youngest across the street for theatre group while I stared at a French Impressionist painting. Maybe I’d sit there and read a book and look out at the courtyard. Maybe I’d make Brent take me to restaurants that didn’t serve chicken nuggets. Oh, the possibility!!

I haven’t convinced Big Daddy that this is a brilliant idea. He keeps mumbling something about finances. Why must money always get in the way of the fun?


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