Bottomless Pit

My Chief Babysitter (CBS), whom I shall call Andy to protect his identity — no, shoot. That’s his name — well, “Andy” dropped by a few days ago after school. “Do you need a snack, Andy?” I asked. “Sure,” said Andy. I started to reach for a cheese stick. You see my stepson Jeremy and my son Colin are — shall we say — selective in their snacking. They’ll eat a cheese stick, maybe, and a Triscuit. I asked Andy, “Cheese and crackers or sandwich?” To make a long story shortish, I handed this kid a PB & J on half a loaf of French bread, a banana, cookies and something else I can’t recall. I was in heaven. I am a cook. (Please see my Facebook page for tasty recipe from Jeremy J for rosemary/berry sauce.) For 15+ years I have been trying to delight the boys in my life with snack mix, muffins, cupcakes shaped like spiders, hummus, name it. Name it, I have tried. Cheese stick. Triscuit.

Andy, you come over ANY time . . . especially if you’re going to babysit.


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