The best years?

Chief Babysitter “Andy” had us all in stitches at coffee after church yesterday with his comment, “High school dating is a nightmare!!” His story is not mine to tell but can be best summed up in his own words, “It was JUST pizza!” Suddenly everyone at the table had a story of dating gone wrong come to mind.

Brent moved from Minneapolis to our small town when he was a sophomore. There was a certain bit of culture shock to work through. One weekend he called five girls out for a date. The fifth one was not busy and went out with him. As she left the car she said, “I had a nice time even if I was number five.” Without realizing it, he’d called the whole girls’ basketball team.

I went out on a first date in college where we drove to the boy’s hometown to meet his mother. He bought me clothes and entire pie on that date. It was a bit overwhelming. We didn’t go out much after that.

My mother remembered that my dad had to go get his fraternity pin from another girl in order to give it to her. Better the one getting pinned than the one who had to hand it over, I say.

I have no doubt Andy will navigate through these dangerous waters just fine, but I am surely glad it’s not me.


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