No plan: Day 1

So we didn’t leave until noon which sent us from Plan A to Plan B to Plan C. We drove through McDonald’s for lunch and Baby D fell asleep in the drive-through and did not eat lunch. Colin ate D’s as well, so when Baby D woke up, he kept whining and pointing to the empty bags, not matter what kind of interesting snack I found. After a brief stop at the outlet mall for my winter wardrobe of long sleeve t-shirts in every color, all the further we made it was Rosedale for a quick stop at Sephora (that stop was oddly for Brent) and dinner at Big Bowl. Baby D didn’t feel like sitting nicely at Big Bowl and, in the process of chasing him around the booth, both Brent and I managed to spill our ginger ales. Our waiter brought Brent a replacement in a normal glass instead of the large top heavy ones they normally come in. We laughed . . . and left him a huge tip.

So now we are at our hotel in Stillwater. For some reason the smell in here reminds me of the month I lived in my grandmother’s basement.

We press on.


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