No plan: Epilogue

I am a first born married to a first born. Until Baby D came along we were a happy little band who liked our things just so. This being said, I must say we survived flying by the seat of our pants this Educate Minnesota break very well. Oh, sure we forgot things like pajamas, toothbrushes and the stroller, but they have Target “down south” too. After two trips to the Target in Stillwater on Day 2 of our trip — and a Caribou fortification — we set off! We went to an apple farm, a Caribou in an old train depot in Red Wing (That’s it up top), visited Lark Toys in beautiful Kellogg, Minnesota, saw Minnesota’s only remaining covered bridge, went trick or treating at the Minnesota Zoo and, most excitingly, saw an apartment Brent lived in in Rochester. Will wonders never cease.

Does this mean we will be traveling like this from now on? No. Absolutely not. I have a sisterchick trip with Roberta coming up in a couple of weeks which I have planned down to the minute. I have already purchased a guide book to Boston for next summer even though we haven’t really decided we going there. The point was, I can, if I really, really try, be spontaneous . . . if I plan far enough in advance.


One thought on “No plan: Epilogue

  1. I am decidedly not a first born. That would make me, um, a last born.Yep, the baby. Spoiled rotten and flighty & you name it and I suffer from it. Case in point: I was looking around at all the messes this afternoon and thinking, "Man, we've got our work cut out for us."And then I said, "Who wants to go to the pumpkin patch?" Your trip sounds fun and I'm glad that you made Caribou Coffee a priority. It's a Minnesota institution, that store.

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