Who’s ready to go?

Let’s establish first of all, that when it comes to caffeine consistency, I prefer a homemade latte made in my Tassimo. I think we’ve established I’m all about consistency. That being said, I am missing the daily stops for Caribou (and one Starbucks) made every day on our little trip. I get a feeling when Big Daddy and the boys are together with me enjoying a little coffee. I can’t quite put a name on it. Peace, maybe. There’s Colin complaining about having to work on Awana verses during coffee time. There’s Daniel making friends with the people at the next table. (He’s been offered a job at our local Caribou as soon as he can see over the counter.) There’s Brent looking for all the world like he’s not worrying about work. I tell you what . . . sure maybe we have a little caffeine addiction problem, but if that’s all the worse we get, we’re probably doing all right.
* DISCLAIMER: That’s not a picture of us at Caribou. That’s a picture of us at the Children’s Theatre with my imaginary apartment in the background, but that is sort of what the boys look like at coffee time.


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