Let’s think on this

Brent and I are not huge entertainers. It’s not that we don’t enjoy doing it, I think we are just shy people who think no one would want to spend that much time with us. We do host a few things, the biggest of which is our Thanksgiving party. I just love Thanksgiving and I get really excited about it. It’s all about the food.

So yesterday I got a bee in my bonnet that I should have a spiffy new Thanksgiving apron with turkeys on it or something, and I started to look at them on etsy. There are some great ones, but the manufacturing economy being what it is, my small business owner husband is all jumpy about money this week, so I’m having a hard time justifying a special Thanksgiving-only apron. (Well, who says Thanksgiving is a one day occasion.) At any rate, I started to think, could I sew my own Thanksgiving turkey apron?

Now, my high school home ec teacher was Mrs. Redmond. At the beginning of our sewing class project, which was a square animal pillow, Mrs. Redmond made a very serious announcement that she WOULD NOT, WOULD NOT be doing any one’s sewing for them. If she did so, she announced, there would be no way for her to fairly grade our projects. Early on in my sewing Mrs. Redmond (who sometimes spoke of herself in third person) said, “Mrs. Redmond will just do this part for you. You have a difficult fabric.” I don’t think I did have a difficult fabric. I think I was just that bad and she felt sorry for me.

My parents gave me a sewing machine for college graduation and my mother promptly took it back for her own use. Maybe it’s better that way. Maybe I could just pin a picture of a turkey on my apron.


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