Sewing 101: Phase 1

I had my hair colored today and while Sharon, my beloved hair person and aunt by choice, was waiting for my foils to set, she slipped in Miss Ruby who was having a wash and set. Do you know what this is? Some great-grandma types have their hair washed once a week, rolled in rollers, dried under the dryer, backcombed and sprayed to a shellac like consistency to last until the whole process happens again next week. Anyway, I mentioned that I was thinking of sewing an apron. Oh, sure, says Miss Ruby. You just sew up the skirt and attach a top piece if you want. When I explained I was going to need a pattern, she looked at me as though I were too dull to walk and chew gum at the same time. If I needed a pattern, I should just take a favorite apron lay it on newspaper and cut around with 1/2 inch seem allowance.

I didn’t think it wise to mention I was going to need directions on how to thread my machine. I just smiled and said I hadn’t thought of it.

Well, I made it as far as the fabric store where I found this pattern. I don’t think I bought enough fabric. I may have to leave off the pockets. And I didn’t get thread or the do-hickey for the top part, but it’s a start.


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