Post Election Exhaustion

Look, kids, Cyberspace Sarah has gone into electronic hiding until after the election buzz has died down and THAT is serious business her older sister cannot take lightly. She was told on Facebook today that the sins of our country will be paid for by — oh, I can’t remember the exact wording — something to the effect of a president who won’t need to veto anything.

Honestly. Just honestly. Friends and loved ones, from reading my blog, do you understand how seriously I take my God? Will you then believe me when I say I firmly believe my God is bigger than the United States of America?

A few years ago during the Bush/Gore debacle I was asked to join a prayer group who would “stand against Satan’s minions in Florida.” Honestly. As though the King of the Universe couldn’t handle a few hanging chads. As if the the One who saved Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego could not raise up a leader or bring him down. You better read the entire book of Daniel and then you better get your flag out because I am just getting warmed up.

Do you not see that democracy works in the United States? As a people we vote and every one gets one vote and every vote counts. (Let’s not talk about how I feel about the Electoral College, though) In January, the outgoing president will meet the incoming president in our nation’s capitol and shake his hand and that’s it. Our country will transfer it’s power from one party to the other, no mess, no fuss, no coup, no blood. Am I the only one who thinks that’s a little bit cool?

If you don’t like what happened yesterday, then you’d best get down on your knees and pray for our new president and the unity of our country because, frankly, you’re not making it any better by whining.

Oh, my goodness, I have worked up a sweat. Do not upset my sister and expect me not to get loud.


2 thoughts on “Post Election Exhaustion

  1. I’ll say it!!! I VOTED FOR OBAMA. And what’s more, I was EXCITED TO DO SO. And that does not make me less of a Christian. Gosh I feel better. I’m going back on Facebook.

  2. I get angry about this topic, and recognize that my reaction is part of the problem. It is unsufferably irritating to feel “wrong” at church because I have different political views. I almost stopped going until the election was over… almost. So, yes, I understand quite well.Honestly, on Halloween, a facebook friend of mine from church said that she liked when I suggested that Christians lying and slandering for political purposes was still lying and slandering and still wrong. I am glad the election is over. I agree that my God is bigger than the USA and bigger than this election. But I also breathed a huge sigh of relief when Obama won. Maybe someday people will rise up and say that my faith is sacred to me and is not a marketing tool for you to use to ispire false feelings of fear and blind compliance. Oh, I could go on and on and on…

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