In hiding

I am hiding from Baby D. We will see how long I have up here in the computer room before he finds me. Is this bad parenting? He’s watching TV. Did that statement just make my bad parenting concerns worse?

My sister, Cyberspace Sarah, is 9 years younger than I. All those parenting gurus will tell you that in birth order status we are like two only children. This is true. We very much need our own space and our own things. But we do also have that first born-second born thing going.

For example, yesterday we were on the phone while I was packing my suitcase for my Chick Trip next week. I was worrying about something very irrelevant about appearances whilst I did this and I was also muttering to myself, “Hmmmm, I think I’ll put my tennis shoes in their practice spot in my suitcase.”

This is not an exact quote but Cyberspace said something to the effect, “If I was going on a trip next week I’d be packing Saturday night and then I’d get there and discover I had only brought one pair of pants.”

I was amused by this and thought myself very smart for organizing so early . . . until I couldn’t find my shoes this morning. They were still in their “practice spot.”


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