Well, I am back from a great chick trip with Roberta to Disney World. It was a little strange to be there without the boys, but I managed. Birdie and I went on all the scary rides. We even did one twice because we had freaked ourselves out so badly the first time, we missed the actual ride.

It’s very easy to be a brilliant parent when you don’t have your kids with, but I was really surprised again to see how quickly a trip to the “Happiest Place on Earth” can go so terribly wrong. We saw so many parents at their worst. So many couples at their worst. I can’t help but wonder if everyone’s expectations on a trip like that can get a little unrealistic. I know0 this is true. You go down to Florida, spend a lot of money and everyone is supposed to have the best time of their lives, DARN IT!! And meanwhile kids (and adults) get hot, tired, cranky, hungry and disappointed just like at home.

If you ask my boys their favorite part of a trip to Florida, they will say the pool every time. I’m pretty sure they aren’t the only ones and I’m also pretty sure that’s not what most parents want to hear. I don’t care. Trips to Florida are about me, me, me getting some sunshine during an otherwise dreary fall and/or winter. Let’s just call that spade a spade.

The highlight of my trip this time was our spur of the moment decision to ride in first class. You would not believe how lovely it is up there: beverages, hot food, cookies . . . exclusive bathroom for the “mommy bladder.” I may never go back. Economy? What economy?


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