Everywhere I go

I am still laughing.

I missed ECFE last week, so imagine my surprise to discover that this week was “Make and Take Craft Week.” What?! Seriously?! We’re crafting?! I am going through a sewing trauma and it’s “Make and Take Craft Week?” Oh. My. Stars. I just started laughing.

Serious craft people don’t think anything about it. ECFE Coordinator Cathy zipped through the instructions (“Make sure you round the corners!”) before I even realized she expected me to be listening and following directions.

In the end I was supposed to have brought pictures for my craft but I wasn’t the only one who hadn’t. We made little laminated books for our children. I slapped a few stickers on and — presto! — I’d finished a craft.

Could I laminate a turkey and pin it to my chest for an apron?


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