I feel like I’ve been on the go since very early yesterday morning. Our Thanksgiving meal is in the evening, so we have all day to finish cleaning and cooking. I shouldn’t really say cooking. We make the turkeys and the stuffing and everyone brings something. It’s not a terribly difficult meal to host that way, but we do sometimes tire out before the evening even begins. I’d definitely say that happened last night. I found myself yawning through quite a bit of the evening.

As far as I know, a good time was had by all. As Brent said, “No one left in tears.” That’s an A+ right there.

So today Mom, Cyberspace, Shelby and Jeremy’s girlfriend Cute-as-a-button (CAAB — I think I will keep her identity safe for now, in case she ever has to deny knowing us.) baked cookies and really had more fun than should be allowed for such an activity . . . but I continue being tired. CAAB was a more than delightful addition to our little group and certainly held her own with us. Brave girl.

I wish there were more of a rest between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I really like Thanksgiving. It barely gets its own day and — ZOOM — we’re off to Christmas.


One thought on “Zoom

  1. I love Thanksgiving too.. but like you say, I think it’s getting too close to Christmas. The day after, there are many who don’t focus on digesting their meal, but instead feel the need to Christmas shop.. waiting outside Walmarts and charging inside to trample the unfortunate souls working there that day..And about the cooking.. I made stuffing this year and it was a process.. we had a bucket of chestnuts that had somehow started to mold.. a friend and I had to cut each one apart and peel it to see if it was good, before adding to the stuffing… but it turned out well!!- from Al Pal

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