The Christmas Letter

Dear Friend and/or Loved One,

So sorry to hear about your tragic loss this year. We have had an amazing year! We took THREE lovely vacations. The children are doing OUTSTANDING work at school. Jeremy composed an entire opera which was preformed by the FARGO CENTER FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS! Shelby directed her first musical at the FARGO CENTER FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS! Colin plays the RECORDER!!Baby D just brings light and life to our home every single day. AND we are looking forward to 2009 being out BEST YEAR EVER!!

No. I am uncomfortable with that one. The only truths in that letter were the vacations, the outstanding work and the recorder . . . oh, fine, and Baby D on a good day.

Let’s start over.

Dear person I only correspond with at holiday time:

Well, we survived another year. Brent got sick while traveling across eastern Montana. We didn’t buy enough cake for my in-laws anniversary party. Baby D took a scissors to my lap top. I can only see half the screen. The dog died and Colin isn’t particularly sorry. Jeremy’s car stalled. Shelby’s cell phone died and now she has to use Grandpa’s.

Nice photos of your trip to Europe.

Okay. Well, that one is all true, but . . . I need to work on this more. There must be some sort of middle ground.

How many weeks do I have left? Like five or six, right?


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