Yesterday we had a bit of a blizzard. It is Minnesota after all. Big Daddy and I had to go to church because we were singing on praise team, but we dropped the boys off at Cyberspace’s to be picked up by Grandpa and Grandma when they got back from church. Grandpa’s the head usher this quarter or I don’t think they would have gone out either.

Well, we got there and and were just getting ready to start when the Senior Pastor announced we would do the opening songs, let the preschoolers sing their Christmas songs and then go. Fine. Big Daddy and I were sort of on a date at that point. We stopped at Caribou for a coffee for the 13 miles drive home.

It was a little dicier going home than it was arriving. The wind had started to blow and it was drifting. This was made all the more interesting because the windshield wipers weren’t really doing their job and Big Daddy couldn’t really see.

Now BD drives an over sized American SUV. It’s big. It’s the kind of vehicle I curse when I try to back out of the Target parking lot in my small American sedan, but yesterday, that giant truck was all for me, 4-wheel drive all the way.

So there we are chugging along on our car date. I’m watching out my side and reporting if I think he’s gone a little far to the right. There was a small car in front of us fish tailing along, which suddenly spun in the the lane of oncoming traffic. I was surprised to see, when the young woman came into view spinning out on the opposite side of us now, that she was talking on her cell phone and did not put it down.

Who, may I ask, will you be talking to who is so important that you cannot say, “I am sorry, but I need to throw the phone down and grasp my steering wheel with both hands because I am careening into oncoming traffic and endangering lives in both directions of the highway.”


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