The Christmas Letter: Revisited

Dear Holiday Friend,

Instead of a family photo, we have decided to include the x-rays from Jeremy’s knee surgery. Fascinating, aren’t they?! It was a real blood bath in there! Thank goodness he had Cute-as-a-bug (CAAB) up there with her. We like her soooo much better than the last one, but not quite as well as the one before that.

Shelby is doing well, I guess. She’s a theatre major which we hope is fun for her. We’re going to encourage her to learn a trade when she gets done. I hear there’s a big call for border security now with all that passports to Canada business.

Colin has passed two books ahead of the girl who has piano lessons before him. I swear if I have to hear her play, “Pop goes the weasel” one more time . . . Oh! HA! I love to kid. She’s a precious thing. I’m sure this is her week to finish that one up.

And thanks to Daniel we finally have finished all those child security projects we started when Colin was a baby. The other day he found a scissors and was cutting open his own bag of Ritz Bits.

Well, Brent and I stay out of trouble!! It’s a big birthday/anniversary year for us. We’re not getting any younger. Brent is going deaf. I had to scream at him to pass the popcorn at the movies the other day. Don’t think we were very popular with our neighbors!!

Blessings and peace to you in 2009.

Okay, none of that’s really true either except the knee surgery, the scissors and — just really bless her little heart, she is so cute — “Pop Goes the Weasel.”

There are no girlfriends before CAAB, so we like her best and that’s all there is to that, and Shelby is a theatre star.

Honestly, I gave up on the letter and just stuffed the picture cards alone. I feel sort of bad. I feel like I’m saying, “I’m sorry. I didn’t even have time to write you a mass produced letter much less sign these by hand.” You and I both know that’s not true.

I’ll try again next year.


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