Back in the saddle

Although there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth, I got everyone out the door this morning and back where they belong. I’m stretching the truth here — actually the bus was so late this morning that Big Daddy Brent fired up the large American SUV and hauled all the neighbor kids himself. I did the important job of keeping Toddler D asleep in bed with me.

But now we are all up and most of us are dressed and on our way back to a regular routine.

I have a big ol’ bag of mixed emotions about this. Our family does so much better on a regular schedule. We get tired and feisty when were not. But what a fun, fun vacation time we had together.

The big mystery of Christmas vacation is What Happened to Colin’s Snowpants? He has two pair: one for school and one for home. They send the school pants home at holiday breaks to be washed. I remember seeing them in a laundry basket, but I don’t remember if I washed them, and they are no where to be found. No where. We’ve looked in logic places. We’ve looked in illogical places. We’ve called both grandmas and made them look. We’ve call Jeremy and made him look in his car. No where.

It’s not like a baby sock or something that got eaten by the washer. It’s a big pair of elementary kid snowpants.

It seems like the school pair gets lost every other year, but usually it’s . . . in school. You know, where there’s a lot of chaos and several hundred pair of black snow pants. What could possibly have happened to them between here and the washing machine?

It’s only one floor.


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