Sunrise, sunset

I am happy to report that the sun set last night at 4:53 p.m. We have gained 20 + minutes since last month. Oh, yes, my friends, I can almost smell spring from here. In fact, an Eddie Bauer “summer preview” catalog arrived yesterday with its pages and pages of shorts.

Big Daddy Brent and I are actually looking at the shorts this week as we are taking a big trip next month for our big anniversary/birthday/birthday year. We stopped at a store in a larger town the other day because I wanted to try the shorts on in person and not just order them and send them back (which, it turns out, is what would have happened). It felt more than a little weird. They only had two different kinds of shorts out and everyone else in the store was picking through the Christmas clearance sweaters. If I’d had more time I certainly would have too, but I didn’t.

Nope, I just zipped to the back and tried on my shorts. My little ghost like legs stuck out of the shorts and immediately started turning purple . . . because it’s cold. It’s hard to determine just how attractive shorts are when you have to imagine sandals where your wool socks are.

It’s actually even sort of hard to look at the models in the Eddie Bauer catalog. I keep thinking, “You must be so cold.”


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