Photo #4

I got a big kick out of my sister Cyberpace Sarah’s blog yesterday. She was tagged (and I know you know this, but in blogspeak that’s when you do something and you challenge someone else to do it too) to post the fourth picture in her computer’s photo album. It was such a neat photo of my little neice Ella who was just weeks old at the time. Cyberspace doesn’t tag me because I can’t take the pressure, but this time I am going to pretend she has because I am exited to share a cool memory like that.

There’s a problem though.

Being that oldest child married to another oldest child, all my photos are neatly stacked in alphabetical folders according to date. Fine, I shall take the fourth photo out of the fourth folder.
Here we go:

Okay. For whatever reason, that photo refuses to uplaod. It was an out of focus shot of Brent playing guitar.

Going from the bottom now:

Okay, well, this is a picture of Brent playing piano for Colin, who I think is singing the National Anthem at his piano recital. I can’t really tell from this picture, but we have a very patriotic group.

Let’s try one more. The fourth photo in the first folder:

All right. This is a picture of Colin eating an Oreo.

I’ll try once more. I know a beautiful memory is on the way. Fourth photo last folder:

I give up.


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