BABBT Update

Just in case you’re not keeping a close eye on the time, it is 17 days until the Big Anniversary/Birthday/Birthday Trip (BABBT). I celebrated today by starting to lay out my clothes — arranged by day, fellow first-borns. This involved going down to the scary basement and digging through Rubbermaid totes. I have too many summer clothes. I’m guessing most of my Minnesota sisters have the same issue. The season is just too short. But the clothes are so fun. So pretty. So bright. So light. It was so fun to see them again. They are cold and wrinkled and smell faintly of the neighbor’s wood stove. I think the smell comes through the dryer.

I got a lot of it finished and made one more emergency purchase from ebay. I’ll be set. The next thing to pack will be my guilt, of course. We will be gone NINE days. What kind of mother leaves her children for NINE days to sit in the sunshine with a chocolaty martini in her hand and SPF 50+ on her shoulders?! What kind of daughter leaves her mother with Toddler D for that long?


One thought on “BABBT Update

  1. What kind of mother??? One who knows her sanity is most important for the well-being of her children! You go, girl! Have a fun, relaxing, romantic time! 🙂

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