Remember Amy. Please.

Does anybody but me feel for Amy Carter these days? All I keeping hearing on the news is “No young children have lived in the White House since Caroline and John-John Kennedy.” What about Amy?

By my calculations Caroline was about four years old when she moved into the White House. John-John was two.

Malia is ten and Sasha is seven.

Amy was ten. Chelsea Clinton, who is also not being mentioned, was 12.

It might just be my age. Amy, as I recall, is just one or two years older than I, so she really captured my attention while she lived in the White House. I have read that she’s very shy, didn’t like living in the White House and doesn’t want to talk about it now. For one thing (and I was really too young to notice) the media did not leave her alone the way they did Chelsea Clinton, and the poor thing had to go through her tween years at state dinners and photo ops at Camp David. She was bookish and wore glasses. They made her go to public school. (Caroline was tutored at the White House and Chelsea and the Obama girls go to spendy private Quaker school.) Amy’s dad was never tremendously popular and when she got married she refused to be walked down the aisle because she wasn’t “owned by anyone.”

Oh, Amy.

Well, just bless her heart. Next time you hear some pundit on TV going on about children not living in the White House, just remember my friend Amy.

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