Are you ready for some football??

There are women out there who love, love, love football. I am not one of them, but I think it would be un-American of me if I did not understand the basics of the game. Contrary to what my brother-in-law Brennan “Captain America” might think, I do, but I’m just not crazy about it. I don’t live for it.

Well, Colin felt the need for a Super Bowl party and how could we refuse. We watch the Super Bowl. Who doesn’t? We invited Grandma and Grandpa and Cyberspace Sarah and Uncle Brennan.

It is my life’s goal, friends and loved ones, to have a conversation about sports with Brennan without getting embarrassed and feeling like a stupid girl. Hasn’t happened in the nearly 11 years my sister has been married to him, but I have high, high hopes. Brennan’s one of those guys who knows every statistic of every sport. Want to know the highest percentage stolen base record holder in baseball. Sure, ask Brennan. It’s Tim Raines. Played for Montreal. Need to know who played the most seasons in the NHL. Yeah, Brenann’s got it right up here. It’s Gordie Howe. Football’s most seasons leading rushing team record. Who doesn’t know that one? It’s the Chicago Bears.

I know figure skating statistics, but Brennan doesn’t think that’s a sport. Who was the 1982 U.S. National Junior Ladies Bronze medalist? Kathy Rissmiller Carlson, of course. Ask me something hard.

When we invited them to the party, I made sure that I first looked up who was playing. I knew he would ask. I knew it.

And he did. I knew Pittsburgh, but I could not remember Arizona. It was all right he said. “They’re a new team.” Whew!

So yesterday, I got a little gutsy . . . a little bit brave. Brennan said he thought Pittsburgh would win by some amount of points I immediately forgot and I said, “I’m going to cheer for Atlanta. I like to root for the new guy.”

“That’s great, ” he said. “They’re not playing today.”


Well, I look at it this way. At least I have a team now. Go Falcons.


2 thoughts on “Are you ready for some football??

  1. I didn’t marry you for your knowledge of sports trivia. On the other hand, it would have been nice if one of us had some knowledge in this area … it would make playing trivia games much easier!

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