I’m thinking of giving up my computer for Lent.

Stop laughing.

Okay, not entirely give it up, but severely cut back on my usage.

A life-long Protestant, the idea of giving up something for Lent is something that has never been a priority. I think I have tried once or twice over the years . . . but I can’t think what it was, so I don’t imagine I took it very seriously.

We are studying Esther in my small group Bible study and some of the ladies tried to fast for three days as the Jews did for Esther when she was faced with the problem of getting an audience with the king. I was gone and missed the whole thing, but it started me thinking. Giving up food would be difficult with the medication I take, but what could I give up. It needs to be something I would miss.

The computer.

I don’t really need to be on it, but I have my laptop propped up on the kitchen counter and I spend countless hours every day . . . doing what? Browsing eBay? Updating my Facebook status? Googling old friends?

What would I get done if I spent — say — half an hour on it in the morning and then put it away. I mean shut it down and put it in the case.

Would I play more down on the floor with Toddler D? Would I read something? Would I cook something?

Would I finish that needlepoint eyeglass case?


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