The Lenten computer experiment

30 minutes is a very short time. I knew I spent a lot of time on the computer, but I am starting to be interested in how much time I really spent. I was surprised how many times I looked at the empty spot where my laptop usually sits.

I gave out a small scream when my timer went off last night. I wasn’t done. I hadn’t caught up reading blogs . . . or checked the weather . . . or finished an email I was writing . . . I thought, “I really could give myself some more time because these are all legitimate uses of my computer time!”

But I think that would be defeating the purpose. So if my blog entries stop in the middle of a sentence, you’ll know why.


One thought on “The Lenten computer experiment

  1. Mary Lisa, while I’ve cut back too, one year I tried to give it up entirely. Didn’t work. I think the computer is a lifeline to many of us; it’s our way of connecting to the world. So, go easy on yourself. Maybe you need to revise your commitment…just a little? I don’t know. Thirty minutes is pretty short. Good luck and hope to read more, even if they’re short. 🙂

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