Forgotten Olives

I had a bit of a mid-life crises tonight while eating an olive at my kitchen counter. It was a fancy schmancy olive from an “olive bar” from the grocery story in Next Largest Town (NLT). I was eating it with a small piece of fresh mozzarella and a carefully counted out amount of Ritz Crisps.

The chicken I made tonight must have been still partially frozen because even though the part with the thermometer in it was done, there was a big raw blob in the middle when I cut it. Being the good Proverbs 31 wife, I gave the cooked portions to my husband and children. (Come to think of it, I don’t recall that Mrs. Proverbs 31 goes hungry herself.)

At any rate, I was eating these items when I flashed back to high school. My friend Michele and I were really, truly good girls who stayed out of trouble (until we got to college, but that’s another story). A big Saturday night for us was taking Michele’s mom’s Lincoln to NLT to Pizza Hut for a pepperoni and black olive pizza followed by a trip to Super America for Dove bars. When, oh when, was the last time I ate a black olive and pepperoni pizza followed by a Dove bar and not felt guilty? When, oh, when was the last time I ate a pepperoni and black olive pizza? My pizza consumption is dictated by my children. Cheese.

I like cheese pizza. Don’t get me wrong.

And the truth of the matter is, I’m pretty sure half a pepperoni and black olive pizza followed by a Dove bar would make my nearly 40 year old tummy not feel so great. There. I’ve said it.

It just got me to thinking about those things you do one last time without realizing it’s the last time. Eating pizza and ice cream without a stomach ache. Painting your fingernails Barbie pink. Talking to a college friend you swore was going to be your life-long bosom buddy. Having your kid sit on your lap.

I can tell you the last time I ate a Dove bar. It was Disney World last fall on my Chick Trip with Roberta. They come in the shape of Mickey and one of the ears lost a big chunk of chocolate which fell down and melted into my shirt and shorts, ruining them both.

It was worth it.


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