Lenten Computer Experiment

Well, we are two and a half weeks into the 30 minute Lenten computer experiment.

How’s it going? (And thank you for asking, by the way.)

I’m not sure how to answer. In some ways better than I thought. The freaky dreams have stopped. I have been finding other things to do — although the needlepoint eyeglass case from the cruise remains unfinished.

. . . but to be perfectly honest with you . . . some days I cheat. Some days I cheat worse than others. It just started this week. A casual turn off of the timer for something I deemed necessary at the beginning of the week turned into a long game of Word Twist on Facebook by the end of the week.

It all seemed so necessary. Yet none of it really is. I don’t see much point in beating myself up about it, but at the same time, what is the point of the experiment if I’m not going to abide by the rules I made up by myself, for myself?


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