How I wish to be one of those women confident in their every moment.

Huh. Do I know any of these women? Come to think of it maybe not. Some are better at pretending than others. I think we all have our own personal issues. Our own “problem areas.” My problem area is my hair. I hate my hair. Let me say it again for good measure. I HATE my hair. I am fine with my teeth, my body shape, my foot size. I HATE HATE HATE my hair.

My desire is to have long flowing tresses that cascade down in a lovely strawberry blond shade to the middle of my back. Oh, to pin it up with a single hair device. Oh, to braid it! Oh, a pony tail!

Nope. None of this. My hair is fine and dull and (naturally) dirty dishwater blond with gray the quantity of only my stylist knows.

Even when my hair is long, it’s not a good long. It’s straggly . . . and come to think of it, scraggly. I can’t put it up with out a lot of bobby pins. I have a sad, sad little pony tail even when my hair is beyond my shoulders which has happened maybe two times in my life.

Mostly, I keep it cut short. I had managed now to grow it beyond my earlobes, which was a happy thing, but I have woken up this morning and it is over. Over I tell you!! The sides are so dry they stick up Pippi Longstocking fashion. I started snipping it with the pinking shears and then made an emergency call to my hair place. My hair dresser is not in today and she is booked all week. I am going to a stranger. Hopefully by the time I have driven to Next Largest Town (NLT) I will have talked myself out of the Sinead O’Connor shave. Remember how great she looked in the “Nothing Compares 2 U” video?!

Keep you posted.


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