A Poem for Tuesday

You may be glad to know that I did NOT shave my head, but my hair is an inch shorter.

Today’s poem is another from Mrs. Clare’s room. It really hits the spot this week, and Colin puts a lot of energy into the reciting of it!

Goodbye My Winter Suit
N. M. Bodecker

Goodbye my winter suit,
Goodbye my hat and boot,
Goodbye my ear-protecting muffs
And storms that hail and hoot.

Farewell to snow and sleet,
Farewell to Cream of Wheat,
Farewell to ice-removing salt
And slush around my feet.

Right on! to daffodils,
Right on! to whippoorwills,
Right on! to chirp-producing eggs
And baby birds and quills.

The day is on the wing,
The kite is on the string,
The sun is where the sun should be –
It’s spring all right! It’s spring!


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