A Poem for Tuesday

Before our poem today, I have to give a big shout out to Roxane at Peace Garden Mama for featuring me on her blog today. Roxane is a real honest-to-pete writer/author with a regular column in a daily newspaper and a book in the Library of Congress. She’s beautiful, smart, talented and married to my childhood buddy Troy (who has met Eddie Van Halen!). It’s really an honor to be on her blog roll and even more so to be featured by her today.

So on the count of three, please: 1, 2, 3 . . .


Okay, today’s poem is from The Grandma Malmberg scrapbooks. It’s by Bliss Carmen who through a little Google research we learn was the “foremost poet laureate of Canada.”

An April Morning
by Bliss Carmen

Once more in misted April
The world is growing green.
Along the winding river
The plumey willows lean.

Beyond the sweeping meadows
The looming mountains rise,
Like battlements of dreamland
Against the brooding skies.

In every wooded valley
The buds are breaking through,
As though the heart of all things
No languor ever knew.

The golden-wings and bluebirds
Call to their heavenly choirs.
The pines are blued and drifted
With smoke of brushwood fires.

And in my sister’s garden
Where little breezes run,
The golden daffodillies
Are blowing in the sun.


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