Fair Fun

I was to the fair last night. Now I feel like Templeton the rat from Charlotte’s Web. “The fair is a veritable smorgasbord-orgasbord-orgasbord.” Those fried cheese curds can leave you feeling hungover even without the benefit of alcohol.

The small community county fair is an experience. We knew a lot of the people last night. We were able to ooh and ahh over exhibits from kids that we knew. Andy, our Chief Babysitter, looked like he had just shown some sort of animal, but I didn’t catch what kind. Probably sheep.

We went down to eat $2 pork sandwiches served by the city council and my dad the mayor, but they ran out before we got there. Brent was not along because he was at a music rehearsal and this lack of $2 sandwiches left me in the position of having to ask my dad for money for the pricier fair food. I felt ever so awkward, but too lazy to walk back home. Yes, I gave him back the change.

We ate popcorn and my aunts got free yardsticks. I took a map from my friend who was handing them out for her husband, a state legislature representative. She was laughing. She called them old fashioned GPS.


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