The end of the slugs

On Saturday, Brent, Toddler D and I were in Fleet Farm* buying dog food when I spotted some Slug-B-Gone. (That wasn’t the real name, but I can’t remember what was.) I liberally sprinkled it around my annuals. That night, I sort of wanted to go out and see what was happening to them, but that seemed a little sick. Like taking delight in going out and salting them to death wasn’t. I am sure there were more environmentally friendly ways of ending this war. I feel a little like I dropped a nuclear bomb on them. It seems a little unfair. They didn’t have a chance.

On the other hand, who wants to be the human loser in a slug war?

The surprise delight of my little garden this year is this miniature rogue sunflower. I don’t know where it came from or why, but there it is.

* What do you have that’s like Fleet Farm, out of state friends and loved ones? Maybe Patty or the Arizona girlfriends can help me here. You buy paint, garden supplies, lengths of chain, animal husbandry items, car repair stuff, pickling gear, and for some odd reason Christmas toys there.

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