First Day Blues

Colin made it through the day despite the thunderstorm. His biggest concern when he came home was that the day was too long. Well, of course, it was. The first day of school is always too long. It was a major worry at bedtime as well when everything seems so much worse.

I don’t remember if I worried about school. Yes, I think I did. I missed the first day of seventh grade with a migraine. I couldn’t move my head. I remember being up half the night before eighth grade. Before and after those years I have no idea. I remember the terror of going to my first college class. It was “The City.” It was boring even that first day.

I came to love college — both times — and if I could do it all again I would in a heartbeat. I don’t think education is ever a waste of time.

Except when you’re a fifth grade boy.

Colin way back in his carefree pre-fifth grade youth three weeks ago.


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