Haiku for Wednesday

I don’t think I can really top the poem from yesterday. I hope Brenda will forgive me for posting it. It just really spoke to me right here (pointing to nose). You know what I mean?

So, on my Facebook status today I said I was thinking of writing a ragweed hating haiku and I got these responses.

From Cyberspace Sarah:
Ragweed I hate you
Ragweed fills my head with sludge
I am over you

From my lovely friend Georgia:
Ragweed is pretty
But its looks are deceiving
Sneezing and itching

Allergenic scourge
We’re pining for the first freeze
For then you will die

As I’m sure we all are from time to time, I was in a Jack Kerouac mood this summer and was inspired by his desire to burn, burn, burn. I offer this:

Die, die, die, die, die
Ragweed plant allergy scum
Die, die, die, die, die

Little friend Carol J offered to do a limerick. “There once was a ragweed from Dublin,” but it seems this is a work in progress.

Sniffle, snort.


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