Whirring update

Yesterday when I finished my blog, I thought about how nice it would be to write and tell you that I didn’t know the people involved. I thought I would be able to tell you it was a strange relief. I would have been sad for the people involved but — happy isn’t the right word — naturally relieved that it wasn’t someone from town.

But it was.

It was 16-year-old on his way to school who was hit head on by a lady from out of town. My sister-in-law Pam was one of the first people on the accident. She had a chance to talk with the woman. Pam wishes she could have talked to her more. It was quickly crowded and crazy and as soon as the emergency people came to the scene, Pam got out of the way.

The boy is the son of people I don’t know well, but could certainly say hello to and use their first names. He is still in critical condition. The helicopter was for him. The was another helicopter on its way for the woman . . . but she didn’t make it.

How strange to get up in the morning and get ready for your day — a day like any other of the rest of the 90 percent of your life — and have it end so differently. I’m talking about everyone that morning: the boy, the woman, their families, Pam, our emergency drivers who certainly don’t go to fatal accidents every day. I wish I knew something smart to say about it.

I don’t.


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