Waiting for the Solstice: Part II

Oh, how could I do that to you yesterday? What a horrible song. It’s lack of daylight I tell you. It’s making me go wonkier than ever. I burst into tears singing “Mighty to Save” on Monday night while I pictured God getting ready to rotate the earth ever so slightly back to summer.
Five more days.
Here I am in front of my little light therapy light pretending I am sitting in the warm sun of Aruba and not in West Central Minnesota where yesterday’s high was -2.
Tragically, I didn’t manage makeup of any sort yesterday. What would have been the point? Where was I going yesterday when the high was -2. You can see I have painted my fingernails gold . . . like little suns.
Oh, I am sure once Monday rolls around, I will settle down and grin and bear it. I will return to my right mind. I will take on the cold and snow like the true, strong Minnesota woman I am.
. . . or I will pack my family in the car and head to Florida for the week. HAHAHA!!!
Nope, not kidding. That’s my plan. I hear it’s 65 glorious degrees there now. Heat wave!

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